Forgiving the Abuser

When I was five years old, I was sexually abused by a family member. The abuse occurred for two years until the predator moved away, but the occasional visits and family get-togethers remained stressful and brought me extreme anxiety. I…

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Youth Suicide

Take two minutes this evening and think about a young person in your life that could be struggling with depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts. Maybe they haven’t seemed themselves lately. Pray for them. Pick up the phone and call them…

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Our Detox Adventure

My perspective on health was extremely influenced by my two body-building brothers I admired during my childhood.  I saw them eat tons of protein and cut out junk food to build muscle to achieve their ideal bodies.  When I lost…

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A Warrior for God

In Biblical times, a Warrior for God was one who followed the hundreds of laws set forth during the time of Moses, including the sacrifices required throughout the year. It was a daunting task! When Jesus spoke to the Pharisees,…

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Addictive Habits

Alcohol has become the go-to drug for most of the world.  It’s actually the 2nd most addictive drug, following heroine.  Alcohol impacts the brain by decreasing blood flow and creating abnormalities in the entire brain cortex.  Some doctors have reported…

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PTSD Can Kill

PTSD impacts brain function more than most people understand. When a person experiences trauma in disasters, extreme stress, violence, abuse, or combat their amygdala is triggered which sends a signal causing a fear response. This triggering system was created to…

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