Youth Suicide

Take two minutes this evening and think about a young person in your life that could be struggling with depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts. Maybe they haven’t seemed themselves lately. Pray for them. Pick up the phone and call them or schedule a time to have coffee together. Help them to feel and know they are loved!!

We are in the middle of a mental health crisis in our world and young people are farther away from Jesus than they’ve ever been in history. Fewer and fewer children are attending church or youth groups. Families are busier than ever and fight daily for time together. When they are together, phones, TV, social media, and other distractions rob them of QUALITY time.

More than 2.7 million youth in U.S. are struggling with depression, and suicide has become the 2nd leading cause of death among 10 to 24-year-olds since COVID. There were 6,600 suicides in 2020 alone among this age group.

Consider that 150 million people live in an area where there is a mental health professional shortage and they are not even able to ask for help from local sources!!

We must step up, TODAY, and help our young people. They are STARVING for our attention as parents, friends, counselors, coaches, and family members. We have to turn this mental health crisis around and help the ones who are struggling to be heard.

Ginger Turner is the Founder and Director of Warriors for God Ministry. She has a Master’s Degree from Liberty University in Marriage and Family Therapy, is a Board Certified Mental Health Coach, and a Christian Life Coach. Ginger, her husband, and three children reside in the Hill Country of Texas where she teaches and counsels couples, young children, and teenagers. Her focus is on enriching marriages and families, suicide awareness, and coaching the community on Whole Body Wellness. Ginger loves the Lord and lives every day for Him, serving Him in whatever capacity He sets on her path.

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