Are you a perfect parent?  Before you even consider the answer, know that it’s a trick question.  There is no perfect parent in this world.  Rest easy knowing that no matter what you do and how you plan to raise your children, they will never be perfect and neither will you.  Jesus was, and will forever be, the only perfect person in the world.  But we can’t use that excuse and tell ourselves there is no point in trying to be the best we can be.  In our world today, we are surrounded by millions of distractions that pull us away from our children and our families: work, technology, traffic, television, news, and so much more.  The enemy loves to see broken families and hurting children.  Warriors for God aims to educate families on the spiritual war targeting families, marriages, and children.  By strengthening our relationship with God, understanding the power of God, and knowing the battle exists, we can begin to stand firm against the enemy and their attacks.

Below are some resources that can help you become the parent God wanted you to be.  Just like we take time to enrich our knowledge and training at work, we should each be taking steps to enrich our relationships with our children.

Links for Parenting:

Focus on the Family – – a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive.  Varieties of resources here for parents and children of all ages.

Family Life – – a Christian source for improving family life and handling troubles along the way.  This ministry works at strengthening communities and homes.

Crosswalk – – resource with many articles and blogs that help parents improve their communication and relationships with their children.

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