Our Detox Adventure

My perspective on health was extremely influenced by my two body-building brothers I admired during my childhood.  I saw them eat tons of protein and cut out junk food to build muscle to achieve their ideal bodies.  When I lost my brother to suicide, I put my health on the back burner as dark depression and anger consumed me for several years.  When I married and started having children, my perspective was revived and refined as I read books about proper nutrition and exercise to insure a healthy baby in the womb.  I worked extremely hard to maintain my body weight, including hours a week in a gym during and after having my children.  However, nothing challenged my perspective of dieting as much as when my mother found out she had cancer.  Since she had not maintained a healthy diet or regular exercise in her sixties, cancer was a battle she fought hard and eventually lost.  I realized that healthy bodies have a better chance of fighting disease, and that is exactly what I needed to maintain. 

I never possessed a sweet tooth, but I was notorious for skipping meals, for several days even, as I buried myself in work.  With an intense interest in suicide prevention and mental health, I dove into books by Dr. Amen who taught me that nutrition and exercise are not only favorable for a healthy body, but also for mental health. I became obsessed with the brain and the fascinating aspects of how all systems in the body rely on a healthy brain, which rely on proper nutrition and protein.

Then, my daughter developed a lump in her throat when she was only 11 years old.  We met with three different doctors and had the fluid inside of the lump drained and analyzed to make sure it wasn’t cancer.  None of the doctors could give a definite diagnosis but mentioned terms like goiter, thyroid cyst, and hyperactive thyroid but told us to wait a few months and see if it goes away.  Fast forward 4 years and the lump remains.  We moved to the Texas Hill Country where we have access to more doctors and were recently told by a specialist that she should have it removed, along with her thyroid.  He made it sound like it was the only option. 

After researching my family’s medical history, I discovered that thyroid issues are prevalent on my mother’s and father’s side.  I had my thyroid checked and discovered that I have an overactive thyroid, which is why I have a rapid heartbeat several times a day and my right hand shakes.  While my friends advised me not to pursue the surgery option for Hailey at such a young age of sixteen, I feel like I am running out of options!  I started looking into natural healing options.

Dr. Don Colbert published a book in 1979, called “Toxic Relief”, that described the overwhelming impact of toxins and preservatives on a human body.  He went into great detail about the ingredients in food, even fruits and vegetables, that have changed our society and their health.  He offers a natural way of detoxing the body, beginning with a liver detox and then a three-day juice fast.  This book and its instructions have proven to prolong life in cancer patients, end or alter heart disease and diabetes, and reset the thyroid.

I’m not sure if this will work for Hailey but it’s worth a shot in lieu of surgery!  I figured the best thing for a mother like me to do is to try it first.  As Hailey begins her own detox over Christmas break, I can guide her through any struggles she faces as she withdrawals from caffeine and sugar.  Fortunately, I have been a pretty healthy eater since my mother passed away from cancer so the only thing I have missed is honey in my tea every morning.  Drinking Green Tea without sweetener has not been very satisfying!

I started juicing seven days ago, terrified at first.  Dr. Colbert explained the misery of a character in his book – waking up in the morning, dragging herself to the kitchen to make her juice, laboring over the washing and chopping of fruits and vegetables, terrified of the flavor to come.  But as she touched the finished concoction to her lips, a burst of flavor hit her tongue, and she was completely satisfied with the taste.  I have experienced the exact moment from the fear to the eye-opening flavor as it hit my mouth.  I look forward to it every day, and really look forward to this weekend when I get to fast on juice alone, relying heavily on prayer and God to help me through the three days lacking solid food.

Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days.  The Bible says that Jews fasted often throughout the year and relied on fervent prayer to get them through the time.  “Juice fasting creates an alkaline environment for your body’s cells and tissues so that they can start releasing waste products through your body’s various channels of elimination” (Dr. Colbert). Fasting also boosts energy cells and rejuvenates a person physically, mentally, and spiritually.

So I leave this thought with you today.  If it is a fact that your diet impacts the cells in your body, premature aging, sickness, chronic fatigue, arthritis, mental illness, attention and focus, heart disease, cancer, and so much more then why aren’t you consuming better products in your diet?  Your body is being attacked every day by air pollution, toxins in water supplies, preservatives in your food, and dozens of chemicals wreaking havoc on your systems.  Do me a favor and do your own research.  Become aware of the foods you are ingesting into your body.  Maybe that research alone will change your habits like it did for me.  This is just one more step to become a stronger Warrior for God!! 

Ginger Turner is the Founder and Director of Warriors for God Ministry. She has a Master’s Degree from Liberty University in Marriage and Family Therapy, is a Board Certified Mental Health Coach, and a Christian Life Coach. Ginger, her husband, and three children reside in the Hill Country of Texas where she teaches and counsels couples, young children, and teenagers. Her focus is on enriching marriages and families, suicide awareness, and coaching the community on Whole Body Wellness. Ginger loves the Lord and lives every day for Him, serving Him in whatever capacity He sets on her path.

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