Addictive Habits

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Alcohol has become the go-to drug for most of the world.  It’s actually the 2nd most addictive drug, following heroine.  Alcohol impacts the brain by decreasing blood flow and creating abnormalities in the entire brain cortex.  Some doctors have reported that a glass of wine a day helps the body but the real question is whether a person can stop at just one glass.  Anything after one glass begins to change the brain function on a more permanent scale, opening up chances for memory loss and cognitive disability.

If your parents struggled with alcoholism or any addictive behavior, it’s best to avoid alcohol and drugs completely.  My parents were both alcoholics and I discovered that one drink was never enough for me.  I have made the choice to abstain from all alcohol because I don’t want it to lead to an addiction that is already in my genes. I can attribute nearly every bad decision/action in my life to a moment when my cognition was hindered by alcohol.

When we choose to consume things that obstruct our abilities, it is best to understand what those substances do to our brain and our heart.  Young people who plan to have children need to understand that what they put into their bodies now actually impacts their offspring in the future.  The organs that create eggs in a woman and sperm in a man are negatively impacted by what products and substances they consume at an early age.

1/3 of American families are affected by alcohol and drug abuse.  Consider the long term generational effects they have.  If you need help with substance abuse, don’t hesitate to ask for help.  There are so many options out there to help people avoid drugs and alcohol.  There is hope for change!

Ginger Turner is the Founder and Director of Warriors for God Ministry. She has a Master’s Degree from Liberty University in Marriage and Family Therapy, is a Board Certified Mental Health Coach, and a Christian Life Coach. Ginger, her husband, and three children reside in the Hill Country of Texas where she teaches and counsels couples, young children, and teenagers. Her focus is on enriching marriages and families, suicide awareness, and coaching the community on Whole Body Wellness. Ginger loves the Lord and lives every day for Him, serving Him in whatever capacity He sets on her path.

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