Suicide Survivors Support Group in Alpine

Beginning in May, Alpine will have a Suicide Survivor Support Group.  Everyone in the group has had someone close to them take their life and knows how devastating that experience can be.  We have all experienced those exaggerated feelings of responsibility as we tried to cope with something we could not understand.  We invite you to attend a meeting of the group, which meets at 7:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month at Alpine Teak in downtown Alpine.  There is absolutely no charge for participation in this group.

What should you expect?  You should expect to find other people who relate to your pain and confusion without being judgmental.  The group is here to help you as a survivor of the suicide of a loved one to cope with the shipwreck you’ve experienced and help in the process of putting your life together in the healthiest way possible.  You can come and just listen to others, and perhaps see that many of the things you are feeling are not unique, but shared by others in your circumstances.  Or perhaps you might gain some comfort in telling some of your story to the others.  Either way, the choice is always yours to do what feels best to you.

Alpine Teak at 101 W. Avenue E, Alpine TX  –  First Tuesday of May @ 7:00 pm

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