“Get Up”

The chorus of this song came to me after a friend’s husband passed away and she could not work her way out of the valley of the shadow of death. Bitterness and grief consumed her, and for months I wanted to tell her to just Get Up. But the rest of the song never came to me.

Years later another friend was going through a difficult trial with her young son. He had been gripped by sin and darkness, and was actually arrested and removed from his home. My friend was lying on the floor in her son’s room, in tears, when she heard God tell her to Get Up. She heard it, audibly. She obeyed, and she was moved to stomp her feet in anger at the enemy and tell him he would NOT win the battle over her son’s heart and his soul. She stomped her foot and told him to leave. Another friend witnessed a terrible cracking sound inside the house, light flooded into the room, and she felt God’s presence sweep the house, tearing through the stronghold that had been invited in by her son. She shared this story with me, and after hearing her say Get Up, I knew immediately God intended the song for her. He was faithful and filled in the rest of the song that had escaped me for so many years. It became her anthem for that season, her victory cry.

(Music & Lyrics owned by Caroline Luna)

Warriors for God encourages our visitors and followers to share this song with others who may need to hear the words and have a reminder to be strong, Get Up, and know that God is with you and with Him all things are possible! These lyrics have helped many people through the struggles of life and turmoils they’ve experienced.

Caroline Luna lives with her husband and three children in Alpine, Texas. She started on her Warrior path when she served as the Head of School for Alpine Christian School and took the safety and well-being of the whole campus to heart.  She (along with Ginger) led the staff in a daily attack on the spiritual forces at work against the school and she trained for physical threats as well. She is a licensed attorney and a certified handgun instructor for Texas License to Carry and NRA Pistol, but more interestingly, she is a former worship leader who still loves to play guitar and sing His praises. Thankfully she has been able to fight most of her battles with a bible and/or guitar in hand and not her other weapons of choice. 

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