Team Hoyt

With the motivation from my best friend, I became a runner three years ago. A little challenging at the beginning to just run a mile, I kept at it to build by endurance. I remember the day when I ran my first five miles without stopping and the cheerleader I had beside me pushing me to keep going. It was such an encouraging moment. I didn’t stop there though. I continued to build the distance and ran my first half marathon in October 2016 in honor of my Mom who I lost the month before to cancer. The point is, I went from barely making a mile to running over 13 straight, in just 18 months. When I ask my friends to run with me in a 5k and they decline because they can’t do it or because they are out of shape, I feel rejected. It’s not an honest answer. They CAN do it and I know it. So I wanted to share a story with you of true determination and love. Team Hoyt is an example of the impossible becoming possible. There are no excuses! ¬†God gave us the will and the way and we can run the race!

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

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