Book of John Study

Warriors for God would like you to join them as they study the Gospel of John. It will be simple! The only thing you need to do is have a Bible and follow along as we read through the chapters of John over the coming weeks. You are welcome to give feedback through comments or just learn new things from each section.

Day #1:

The Gospel of John is meant to strengthen one’s knowledge of Christ and salvation.Let’s begin with some facts about the Book of John:

– Did you know that the Gospel of John is the most recommended book in the Bible for new Christians to read? Leon Morris wrote that John’s Gospel is a pool in which both a child can wade in and an elephant can swim in.

– John’s purpose in writing his book was to strengthen the church for the long period of time before the 2nd coming of Christ.

– John really wanted believers to abide in Christ and depend on His word.

– John emphasizes the need to truly know Christ through a continual trust and connection instead of one moment of confession.

– Gospel of John is known for the 7 statements of “I am”

NEXT STEP: READ JOHN 1:1-18 and watch for the next post that highlights these verses.

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